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PDCGS Fixtures

Emails or Letters inviting entries to the Society's Competitions will be sent out to members approximately four to six weeks before each event. These will contain information about location of the golf course and catering arrangements. Details will also be published here on the website.

The closing date for entry will normally be one to two weeks before the competition. Full payment may accompany the completed entry form / reply email. Payment may be made by Bank Transfer, cheque or in exceptional circumstances, cheque / cash on the day. Late entries will not normally be accepted.

All queries about competitions should be made to our Match Secretary. Nick Roberts is temporarily acting in this role, in particular through the start of the 2019 Summer Season (e-mail) but will shortly hand over to Eddie Faulkner.

Please read our notes on: Meeting before we play;  Slow Play

Winter Fixtures 2019/20

Download our Winter 2019 / 20 fixture list here.
1 course meal follows play except where stated.

14th October Stanedge
20th November Ramsdale Par 3
21st February College Pines (Breakfast)
12th March Sinfin

Summer 2019 Fixtures

We've selected a cross section of courses, one fewer than 18 holes, the rest the full 18 holes and spread over our catchment area "region" of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

The full 2019 fixture list is available for download here . This is an A4 sheet intended to be folded twice (to A6) to form a four sided "booklet".

Monday 15th April - Beeston Fields GC Team Stableford
Friday 3rd May - Home Match vs Poynton Baptists at Matlock GC
Wednesday 29th May - Lees Hall GC - Singles Stableford
Wednesday 19th June - Ashbourne GC - Team Stableford
Wednesday 10th July - Buxton & High Peak GC - Team Stableford
Thursday 8th August - Horsley Lodge GC - Singles Stableford
Tuesday 3rd September - Springwater GC - Team Stableford
Monday 23rd September - Alfreton GC - Away Day - 9 hole Texas Scramble, 11 Hole Team Stableford
Friday 4th October - Away Match vs Trafford Eagles at Ashton-under-Lyme GC

Annual Knock-out Competition

A simple knock-out competition between Society members.The draw - and current status - may be downloaded here. Congratulations to Dave Newman, our 2019 Winner.


Each year we play two matches, against Trafford Eagles and Poynton Baptists , both Societies with similar aims to ourselves. Whilst these are competitive matches, played for a trophy, they are played in fourballs and in a very friendly spirit and you need not worry about "not doing well" or "not being good enough". 


Social Events

Annual Presentation Dinner 2019

Thursday 31st October, Bakewell Golf Club. Guest speaker from the Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Golf Club Links

Buxton and High Peak
Breadsall Priory
College Pines
Horsley Lodge
Morley Hayes
Ormonde Fields
New Mills
Ramsdale Park
South Chesterfield
Wollaton Park


Summer 2019


Meeting before we play

We seem to have got into the habit of not meeting together at the beginning of an outing.
This has 2 practical outcomes,

First, whoever is organising that day doesn’t know who has arrived and who has not arrived! That means we have to worry about whether teams are full or not AND we don’t know numbers for paying the final balance cheque to the club nor for confirming catering arrangements for the club. (Do you fancy having to worry about this before getting ready for teeing off?),

Second, whoever writes out the cards has to go looking for people to make sure the scoring system works!

So, please do ‘check in’ beforehand, to say ‘hello’ and to enable things to go smoothly and to help those who have the job of organising things.

Slow Play

Our Society is known for some good things– the friendliness when we meet and play, and the concern and care we show for each other.

Let’s face it, we do take a long time to get our rounds played. Don’t stop reading, because this is really a matter of being considerate to other players – as well as being better for oneself. We cannot afford to be, and don’t want to be, unwelcome at courses because we have a reputation for slow play.

BENEFITS for oneself, first.

Have you ever noticed how much less tired you are during the second 9 if the play is faster? And being less tired, you tend to play better on the back 9.

Not noticed this? – well I certainly have. And playing better on those last few holes in much more enjoyable than staggering in feeling exhausted with a poorer score.

We are not often blessed with warm conditions when we play golf up here on the hills, and the longer we are out on the course the colder we get. And being cold always results in a poorer score.

Lastly, do you, like I do, feel rushed and unable to concentrate when they games behind are continually ‘pushing’ you? It really makes me feel uncomfortable and puts me right off my game. i much prefer to know that I am keeping up with the play of the team in front.

BENEFITs for others, second

But as a society should really be our first consideration. Having to wait to tee off or play through the green is, for most players, irksome and reduces their concentration.

They start to play badly and this increases their frustration – ultimately making the round less of a pleasure.


I will try to suggest a few things each month – so that you can get into better habits slowly.

When I started playing it was considered good manners (good etiquette) to learn these techniques and get into good playing habits.

1. Trolleys at the greens.

The best way is to take your trolley past the flag and towards the next tee. This way you walk back to the green with sand wedge and /or chipper and/or putter, putt out and then walk away from the green - leaving it free for the next game to play their approach shots as soon as it is safe. Even when the next tee is to the side or in front of your green, it is good manners to make sure your trolley is well away from the line of play of the team behind.

I have many times seen our members leave their trolleys in front of the green until they have putted out. The game behind has then had to wait extra time as you walk back to collect the trolley, notice the guys behind and rush off muttering ‘Sorry’.

If it is a new and unknown course, just go to the back of the green and find out where the next tee is AFTER putting out.

2. Marking the score card.

The best way is to remember your own score and for the card marker to write it down on the next tee. Don’t stand around on the green asking who had what and writing the card while holding up the next game.

To help this, let the card marker to tee of last in a group. It puts less pressure on the marker as well as being quicker.

3. Think ahead.

Be thinking about the next shot, and your club selection, as you walk up to the ball. Then have the club out of the bag and ready BEFORE it is your turn to play.

Playing in teams of 4, it is also permissible to play ‘out of turn’ to speed up play – especially if the other player(s) have no chance of scoring.


Enough on this for now, but remember – what we are concerned with is only good manners and being considerate to others. It is not hassle for the sake of appearances.

Just try these 3 things for your next few rounds and get into good habits!